If you are looking for a top food packaging solution, then you will want to consider one of the seven types of packaging options available. Consider each of these options to see which one works best for your packaging solutions.

1. Bags

Bags are commonly used for snacks and frozen fruits and vegetables. One of the big advantages of bags is that they are lightweight and easy to manufacture. Also, bags can have a foiled inner layer that allows the food to be protected and maintain freshness. Bags can also be easily sealed and opens.

2. Boxes

Boxes are a common form of packing food products. Some of the most common food products that use boxes include cereal, pizza and frozen meals. Also, large boxes are used in the transportation of food from the wholesaler or the producer to the final point of purchase.

3. Cans

Cans can be made up of a variety of materials from tin to steel. One of the big advantages of cans are their durability and their ability to preserve foods for a long period of time. Cans are used to typically store fruits, vegetables, beans, meats and other items that people prefer to store at room temperature for an extended period of time.

4. Cartons

Cartons are a flexible packaging solution that is commonly used in the transportation of food. There are four major types of cartons for food packaging: Egg cartons, aseptic cartons, folding cartons, and gable tops. Each of these cartons is widely used in common foods such as eggs, milk and soups.

5. Flexible packaging

Flexible packaging is similar to bags. However, these packages tend to be a little more rigid and provide for multiple uses. Some examples of flexible packaging can include resealable pouches. These pouches can be used for both dry and for liquid products.

6. Wrappers

Wrappers are inexpensive and flexible packaging products that are used to protect food from the outside environment. Some of the most common forms of wrappers can be found in the candy aisle. You will find wrappers for candy bars, candy pieces and other confectionary items.

7. Aseptic processing packages

This is a special type of packaging that is used for all fresh food that needs to be both stable and sterile. This packaging uses a combination of materials including paper, polyethylene and aluminum. Commonly used for both liquid eggs and milk.

You can keep your food fresh and secure with the right packaging. Each one of these packing solutions offers its own unique advantages. Discover which one of these seven packaging solutions works best for your products.

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