4 Types Of Assault Charges Under Canadian Law

Assault cases are common in every court system. While this is a very general area of law, it is also an area where charges are regularly filed in accordance with material case facts as determined by prosecutors. After reviewing by the court, charges are usually narrowed down and defined according to specific sections of the Canadian criminal code. There are four basic types of battery charges aside from general charges, most of which will require a criminal lawyer Mississauga to defend the claims.

6 Necessary Steps On Winning Your Divorce Battle

The divorce process is notoriously expensive and time-consuming, so the key to winning your legal battle is planning beforehand. Here are six steps that will put you in good shape when divorcing and finding a family lawyer Toronto.

Determine If You Need A Lawyer

Some things could indicate that you need a divorce lawyer like if your significant other typically handles and knows more about the finances than you. If you might have a complicated divorce, you should also seek legal counsel. This might occur if a business is involved, you and your partner have trouble compromising or there is a question about separate and joint assets. Finally, you likely need an attorney if your partner has one.

Bicycle Accident Claims: Who’s At Fault?

One of the joys of big city living is that metropolitan areas have become so much friendlier to pedestrians and bicyclists. Many North American big cities, discovering what their European counterparts have known for decades, have added bike paths and lanes and signage to protect their growing numbers of bike riders. Has it helped? Toronto city statistics report about 1,200 bicycle accidents per year. That seems like a lot, until it’s compared to the city’s annual 52,000 vehicle collisions. But the relative lack of bicycle accidents still doesn’t dismiss the very real pain or suffering that these victims endure. Or that many of them would have suffered less with the services of personal injury lawyers

Canadian Education Savings Grant

The Government of Canada extends beneficiaries of the Registered Education Savings Heritage Plan a grant in the form of Canada Education Savings Grant. The Canadian Government, under this program, adds up to 20 percent to the initial 2000 dollars contributed to the RESP beneficiary account every year.
The CESG program intends to encourage parents to save some money for their child’s academic progress and reduce the financial load of sponsoring a post-secondary education.

Fault Percentage in Toronto Personal Injury

Many people do not schedule an appointment with a Toronto personal injury lawyer after they suffer a personal injury because they feel as though they are partially to blame. For example, a driver may fail to see an attorney about an auto accident between himself and a speeding driver because that person he ran a red light. A slip-and-fall victim may feel responsible because she was not paying attention to the ground when she fell. The truth of the matter is many people, including you, can still receive compensation even if you are partially responsible for the incident.

How A Lawyer Can Help You With A DUI Charge

DUI charges come with harsh penalties in Canada, which means that you may not want to face these charges alone. By enlisting the services of a DUI lawyer Calgary, you can increase your chances of being found innocent and make the process far more manageable. Here are some reasons that you may need an attorney for your DUI case.

How Recent Court Decisions Are Shaping Canadian Disability Law

For the average Toronto disability lawyer in Canada, 2017 is turning out to be a year of major court decisions based on two recent cases in British Columbia and Nova Scotia. Both cases deal with litigation issues related to disability insurance; one sets an important precedent in terms of indemnification for legal expenses accrued while the other is related to future disability benefits that an individual may claim after a motor vehicle accident.

Important Characteristics In A Good Personal Injury Lawyer

A personal injury attorney can be your most valuable ally if you are in an accident. However, there are usually many attorneys that claim to be able to get your case settled for the most money and it can be difficult for most individuals to figure out who is telling the truth. If you want to find the best attorney, you should consider the qualities below.

Need a Debt Collection Lawyer? Get Back What Your Company is Owed

Are you tired of sending your customers multiple notices to pay the debts that they have with your business and not getting a response? Are you owed thousands of dollars and you fear that you won’t ever get your money? If so, you want to hire commercial litigation lawyers to go after the outstanding bill holders. Here are a few reasons why you want to hire a debt collection lawyer Toronto instead of a debt collection agency.

Reasons Why You Need to Hire a Business Lawyer for Your Start-up Business

Hiring and working with a business lawyer is one of the most challenging and confusing tasks for start-up businesses, especially if the owners have no experience. However, it is a crucial element when starting business and should not be ignored. With the right attorney by your side, you will be confident and ready to get down to business. Here are more reasons why you should hire a business attorney.

The Process Of A Personal Injury Case

Personal injury claims are not as simple as the injured victim may think. These claims are often vigorously defended, and only when it is obvious that a duty of care has been violated will a defendant begin offering a settlement in the case. Reaching this stage of a negotiation usually depends on what material case facts your personal injury lawyer Calgary can provide that will ensure the potential for an award from the court is inevitable.

What An Expert Criminal Lawyer Can Do For You

If you are facing criminal charges, you want a criminal lawyer who is competent who can defend you against those charges. Those who are being counseled by someone who doesn’t know the law or doesn’t know how to work the courtroom could spend years in jail if they are convicted. What are the benefits of having an expert attorney defending you?

What Happens When Charged With a DUI For The First Time

The first question a defendant accused of driving under the influence of an intoxicant (DUI) may face is whether to get a lawyer. The answer is yes in all cases, no exceptions. The federal, provincial, and territorial governments take an exceedingly dim view of DUI cases, and neither forbearance nor leniency is any part of their policy of full, zero-tolerant, all-out prosecution.

What You Need To Know About Disability Lawsuit Loans

Due to the nature of disability lawsuits, the victims often find themselves lacking the funds necessary to continue the lawsuit. Disability law suits can take a significant amount of time and as most victims can’t work due to their disability, they often find themselves in a tough situation. Fortunately, a solution exists; the disability lawsuit loan.

What You Should Do If You Are a Victim of Medical Malpractice

A patient has the right to sue and seek compensation for medical malpractice. Your medical malpractice suit may include any individual or institution that provides health care. The first step towards getting an award when treatment by a doctor, nurse, technician, physical therapists or optometrist results in permanent injury or even death is to ask for help from medical malpractice experts.

Why You Need a Skilled DUI Lawyer

A DUI charge is serious and can result in the loss of the driver’s license, thousands in court fines, loss of job, or even jail time and in some instances prison. A DUI is a prior, meaning that if you get another DUI conviction, the penalties you get will be worse than the previous one. Having the right DUI lawyer in Toronto can save you a lot of money and your driver’s license.